Plants from the Best Corners of the World

Plants from the Best Corners of the World

Display Garden Buchholz & Buchholz Nursery, home to the Flora Wonder Arboretum™, boasts a vast collection of thousands of plant species and cultivars from all seven continents. These include noteworthy species, natural and intentional hybrids, and selected cultivars obtained through purchase, trade, donation, or discovery by founder Talon Buchholz and his dedicated team. The nursery maintains strong ties with renowned horticulturalists and collectors globally.

Exploring Plant Origins

All plants in cultivation, including weeds, have fascinating origin stories, ranging from the exploration of wild lands to astute observations in small nurseries. The journey of these plants, from their origins to their introduction into cultivation, is a captivating aspect of horticulture’s history, often involving intrepid explorers or keen-eyed growers.

Global Botanical Journey

Visitors to the Flora Wonder Arboretum™ can embark on a global botanical journey within its confines or by strolling through well-tended neighborhoods. From the Atlas Cedar of North Africa to the Dove Tree of Asia, each corner of the world is represented, showcasing the remarkable diversity of plant life cultivated by horticultural efforts.


Notable Specimens

Notable specimens include the Wollemi Pine from Australia, the Giant Redwood from North America, and the Monkey Puzzle Tree from South America. These plants offer insight into ecosystems spanning millions of years and evoke wonder at their resilience and adaptability.

Unique Plant Discoveries

The Wollemi Pine, akin to a living dinosaur, was recently discovered near Sydney and has since been widely distributed where hardy, offering a glimpse into ancient ecosystems. Meanwhile, the Giant Redwood, towering in the Sierra foothills of California, invites awe at its massive presence, now spread across continents with cultivars available in various shapes and colors.

Curious Favorites from South America and Antarctic

South America contributes the curious Monkey Puzzle Tree, popular during Victorian times and recognizable even to schoolchildren, originating from Chile. Finally, from the Antarctic, the Pearlwort emerges as a unique flowering species, offering potential for future cultivation in neighborhood gardens with its delicate beauty and winter hardiness.

Buchholz Nursery

Buchholz Nursery

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