Flora Wonder Arboretum

The Flora Wonder Arboretum: A Botanical Marvel

The world-renowned Flora Wonder Arboretum traces its roots back to 1980, when its owner, Talon Buchholz, embarked on a journey to create a remarkable collection of trees.

History and Growth

Talon Buchholz purchased property in stages and initiated the collection of trees in 1981.

The arboretum’s inception began with the acquisition of six Japanese maples from J.D. Vertrees, some of which still thrive within its grounds.

Funding and Expansion

To support the collection, Buchholz and Buchholz Nursery was established, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that endures to this day.

Mr. Buchholz and his team extensively travel the globe to study and procure plants, with numerous renowned nurseries and collections sourcing plant material from the Flora Wonder Arboretum.

Botanical Marvel

The arboretum stands as a sanctuary of botanical diversity, offering a profound appreciation of the world’s plant species.

What began as a hobby has evolved into a profound way of life for Mr. Buchholz and his team.

Inspiration Behind the Name

“Flora,” the Roman Goddess of plants, and “Wonder,” derived from German, collectively form the evocative and resonant name “Flora Wonder” – a testament to the awe and admiration inspired by the natural world.

The Flora Wonder Arboretum encapsulates the passion and dedication of its founder, serving as a testament to the splendor and diversity of the world’s flora.

Buchholz Nursery

Buchholz Nursery

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