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Welcome to Buchholz & Buchholz Nursery, the proud home of the Flora Wonder Arboretum™, a haven for plant enthusiasts and nature lovers. Our nursery boasts an extensive and diverse collection of thousands of plant species and cultivars from all seven continents, making it a truly remarkable botanical paradise.

Premier Wholesale Grower

Buchholz & Buchholz Nursery specializes in cultivating Japanese maples, dwarf and unusual conifers, and other choice ornamental trees and shrubs sourced from the Best Corners of the World™. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest plant material available.

Wholesale Distribution

As a wholesale nursery, we supply lining out stock to other wholesale growers and offer a wide range of specimen plant material to premium garden centers and landscapers across the United States and Canada.

Innovation and Discovery

At our nursery, we foster an environment of innovation and discovery. Led by owner Talon Buchholz, our team travels the globe to study and collect plants, collaborating with renowned horticulturalists and collectors. Many of our introductions are grown across North America, Europe, and Japan, bringing choice new plants to enthusiasts worldwide.

Flora Wonder Arboretum™

Founded in 1980, the Flora Wonder Arboretum™ is home to our world-renowned collection of trees and shrubs. With representatives from all seven continents, our arboretum showcases thousands of plant species and cultivars, curated through purchases, trades, donations, and discoveries by our dedicated team.

Plant Exploration

Our passion for plants extends beyond cultivation to exploration. From the majestic Giant Redwoods of North America to the delicate Pearlwort of Antarctica, we seek out unique and remarkable species, enriching our collection and sharing the marvel of flora with plant enthusiasts everywhere.

Experience the Wonder

Embark on a journey with us through the Flora Wonder Arboretum™ and discover “Plants from the Best Corners of the World™.” Whether online or in person, immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of our plant collection and join us in celebrating the wonders of nature.

Our Team

The amazing people that bring you the highest quality material

Jordan Ellis

Horticultural Manager

Seth Helmer

Customer Relations

Joel Johnson

Nursery Manager

Luis Pedro

Head Foreman

Buchholz Nursery

Buchholz Nursery

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